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My Story

My passion for pies and cakes began when I was a young boy. I watched as my 

grandmother baked delicious pies and cakes. The inspiration she instilled in my childhood

still drives me to bake.

" He Sets The Table " was the name the Lord spoke to me on April 15, 2020. Being sure I heard Him correctly, I did as He asked. 

In 2017, My church stepped into revival and began a series of 40 consecutive nights of meeting with God. We called it " 40 Days of the Holy Spirit" because we let Him come and do anything He wanted in us. For me personally, that meant taking a step of faith and purchase the name "

He Sets The Table." The Holy Spirit has amazingly led me this far and as I let Him run the company, He Sets The Table prospers more and more.

 This is a Holy Spirit Company and we are here to serve you as Jesus Christ serves His church. We welcome you all.




Be Blessed.

Owner Arron Runnels

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